27 March 2008

It's Hard to Keep Up

It's getting real hard to keep up this blog. For the past year I've been a paid blogger on retainer with a weekly column called HOLLYWOOD POV at gather.com. It's lovely to be recognized as having something worthwhile to say, and it's even more lovely being paid to blog. But finding the time to see the number of films I see each year is hard on it's own, then add in the time it takes to do the research, getting the photos, doing the interviews, listening to the Q&A's, and of course, it takes even more time publishing to a few different blog sites (blogcritics, rotten tomatoes, gather, here). And of course, then there's life that always seems to get in the way.

So if you want to keep up with what my column, please go n read it at gather: DigitalDogs.gather.com and please forgive me for not having the time to keep up blogging here regularly.


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