22 March 2006

About Darfur, Sudan (please pay attention Fareed Zakaria)...

I usually enjoy reading Fareed Zakaria who:

“...oversees all Newsweek’s editions abroad. He also writes a regular column for Newsweek, which also appears in Newsweek International and often The Washington Post. He is a regular member of the roundtable of ABC News’ "This Week with George Stephanapoulos" as well as an analyst for ABC News. He is the host of a new weekly PBS show, "Foreign Exchange," which focuses on international affairs.”

So you’d think that this New Yorker with B.A. from Yale and a Ph.D. in political science from Harvard might actually get his facts straight. But alas! No such luck. Here’s what he writes about Darfur, Sudan, in his most recent column, entitled "How To Stop a Genocide" (at least the headline speaks the truth) in Newsweek (March 20, 2006), which you can read on his website:

The conflict in Darfur arose from a series of political disputes between two
groups: the Arabs who make up the government-backed Janjaweed militia versus the region's non-Arab farmers. In 002, the Janjaweed engaged in particularly bloody massacres, and the non-Arab tribes launched a rebellion against the dictatorship
in Khartoum. The government responded by unleashing the Janjaweed, who since
then have engaged in mass rapes, killings and lootings…”

This is a politically correct statement, an accepted de facto fact that really contains only partial facts. As usual with reports about Sudan, his comment is only a half-truth and barely touches on the actual facts. Here are the facts…

ANSWER: The Arabification of Africa.
The systematic killing-off of the indigenous black African population.

The Sudan conflict is specifically about Arabs killing off the indigenous black African population, even though that black African population is alrady 98 per cent Muslim. The conflict in Darfur arose from a series of political disputes between two groups – The Arabs who are in control of the government and give orders to their “Janjaweed” militias after years of systematically killing off the indigenous black African population. This has nothing to do with "the region's non-Arab farmers." They could be cowboys or miners or lawyers, this is about skin color and tribal heritage, green fertile land in the South, and oil the Sudanese are hoping to find off their coastline. At least Zakaria got the "non-Arab" part correct.

When Sudan gained independence from colonial Britian in 1956 they had an estimated 30 million inhabitants of Africa’s largest country (equal in size to the US east of the Mississippi). Even the name “Sudan” comes from the Arabic bilad as-Sudan “land of the blacks.” Almost all of the people of the North are Muslim, with the Southern part of Sudan mostly animists or Christians, though the Muslims are making big inroads there due to forced conversion and outright murder. Prior to 1956 Sudan was often portrayed as a “bridge” between the Arab world and black Africa. Prior to that this land has been fought over for generations. The two parties doing the fighting? Ethnic Arabs and the indigenous black African population. It’s that simple.

What this conflict is is not is new. This conflict has been going on for hundreds of years. What we see now is through the veil of current politics, much like the various “Intifada’s” in the disputed region North, East, and South of Israel. This is all about the Arabification of North Africa. The Arab's Muslim religion is now the predominant religion in that region. Once they succeed in completely killing off the indigenous black African population all of North Africa will be completely controlled by an increasingly hostile radical Islamist mindset. That this fact is rarely mentioned, pointed out, or even eluded to is mind boggling.

Now the Islamists have moved down into the middle of the continent. Nigeria is the most recent battleground. The second largest untapped oil reserves in the world are located just off the coast of Nigeria in West Africa, and it will all fall into the control of Islamists who are quickly taking control in that African nation. In fact, Sharia law is now the norm in the Northern half of Nigeria, and religious riots in support of Sharia for the entire country now roil the land. In Southern Nigeria, “rebels” (Islamists) are fighting government forces much as they did in North Africa. It’s all about control - control of people by controlling the religion to control the wealth.

So the Western media will continue to call these radical Islamist fundamentalists "rebels" never identifying them as who they truly are (Islamists focused on the Arabification of the world via the Caliphate) so the rest of the world will watch and wait until it's too late to do anything about it.

19 March 2006


13 March 2006

We Are The Digital Dogs!

Happy Birthday Dad!

DigiDogsVid - UAE Buys US Ports Deal for $100 Million

The United Arab Emirates gives $100 million to the White House earmarked for Katrina victims. Three weeks later the Ports deal was set in motion and quickly pushed through. Here's what's really going on, just follow the timeline of events.

Watch it on youtube and leave your comments

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09 March 2006


08 March 2006

Breaking News just in...

In an attempt to thwart the spread of the bird flu, George W. Bush has bombed the Canary Islands.

07 March 2006

Some kewl vids

This live action Simpson's intro is really great.

The Urban Ninja is Jet Li's future understudy.

This Memri TV Project interview with a fearless Arab-American psychologist based in LA, Wafa Sultan , one of the bravest women in Islam, first aired on Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) on February 21, 2006.

Like Wafa Sultan, people who speak their minds in the face of great adversity and personal peril are impressive and deserve our admiration.

The Academy Awards - 2005 films

One of us Dogs has a great track record of predicting who will win the Oscars. Every year we say we're gonna put money on it, but so far the only gambling we can manage to do is invest in the stock market. Too bad, because this year, of the 24 major cateogries, we got 20 correct (even Crash). We erred on the two Shorts categories, on the Song (who knew a Pimp would win?), and on Cinematography. Emmanuel Lubezki did the most amazing work for a most amazing film, The New World, and he deserved the Oscar. Tell me, what other major feature film was shot using only natural light? Too bad that so few people saw the film, it was arguably the best film of the year and at the very least deserved the DP statue. Memoirs of a Geisha was beautifully shot, but in terms of raw talent, it did not deserve the Oscar like The New World did.


This had to be one of the most boring Oscars telecasts in history. Everything seemed jumpy and Jon Stewart looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Stewart should have been seen and not heard. The Stewart-produced clips were the best part of the show, remember the Western one? Cut to the Brokeback theme? Very funny take on Westerns. But the rest of the show was boring, fawning, and yawn inducing. No excitment, little of interest, too many boring clip sequences of old films... so sad.

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06 March 2006

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