01 April 2009

Now on Twitter

Being that I've worked hard to retain my anonymity ever since I first got online in 1988 (via the very first social networking site the WELL (Stewart Brand's creation on which we had to communicate writing code in picospan), I never in a gazillion years thought I would be into twittering. After all, I really don't care about what you had for breakfast or how stupid you look when drunk, so why would twitter ever appeal to me?


But I tried it anyway and now I'm hooked. My weekly column at gather (for whom I've been a blogger on a paid retainer for a few years now) quadrupled it's pageviews after just 1 wee twitter about my most recent column: HollywoodPOV: "Digital 3D and Monsters vs. Aliens". So, that's reason enough for me.

You can see the full listing of all my column's for gather here.
You can find me on Twitter here. Follow me and if you're interesting I'll follow you.